Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization
A healthy mix of search engine optimization and pay per click advertising help drive site traffic, build brand awareness, generate online registrations, and increase sales. They enable us to get the best results for our clients by achieving the highest possible rankings for major key phrases, constantly driving new organic website traffic and increasing reach.
Creative Development
We have a strong team of right brain thinkers who concept and execute innovative creative for both our branding and direct response initiatives. To ensure all of our creative converts at a high level, the team uses competitive research to analyze industry trends and determine what works best pending each client’s individual goals and initiatives.
Display Services
Our display media team is made up of experts who buy and plan online display campaigns on a daily basis. After a deep dive into our client’s objectives, our team will determine the best placement opportunities and the right creative elements to attract and convert the specified target audience. We can negotiate and buy for any type of campaign spanning national direct response remnant offers to localized high impact branding placements. We offer a full range of targeting options that include retargeting, geotargeting, contextual, behavioral, time of day, day of week and demographic targeting. With our premium inventory and complete site by site transparency, we’re able to offer a brand safe environment for our clients.
Website Development
Whether you want a single landing page design or an entire website, we can help. Having us work on your website and your other creative work (display, SEO, ppc, etc.) will ensure seamless integration between the messaging of all assets, leading to higher conversions. We are great at communicating with clients to create exactly what they want out of their site.
Social Media Marketing
We integrate an increased social media presence into our online marketing plans. The end result is the establishment of our client’s brand in the top social media websites which currently represent over 75% of all Internet traffic. Our social media tactics work hand in hand with our SEO, PPC and display components to form a fully integrated media mix.
Direct E-Mail
We develop and execute dedicated email and e-newsletter campaigns across the thousands of email lists we have access to. We track and monitor performance metrics, leveraging insights for our clients based on the real time reporting we provide.
Direct Response & Branding Initiatives
We work with both performance based and branding clients running a multitude of placements. Whether it’s awareness or a sale that a client is after, we optimize all campaigns on a daily basis in order to meet our clients backend goals. Our strong team of account managers monitor all campaigns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure success.
Video Inventory
We offer video inventory in the form of in banner video and pre-roll video. We can offer high impact, guaranteed video inventory as well as video inventory at an aggressive, remnant CPM.
Mobile Engagement
Torch Interactive has access to the world’s top mobile websites and applications. We help our clients reach premium smartphone audiences around the world. We have extensive targeting capabilities that include geotargeting, device and carrier targeting.